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DIMENSA LTD. Our company was established in 1990. We were between the first few companies who started their activities in the Hungarian telecommunication market. We have both Hungarian and Canadian private owners. So in the beginings the company imported M1000 and Mercury 2000 type PABXs from Canada. After that we supplied the products of TELECOM Australia (Commander D128/D288 type digital PABX for midsize companies), which equipments offered a large scale of telecommunication opportunities for their users in the middle of ’90s. We also supplied TIE\Communication UK, TIE MODKEY digital PABXs for small bussineses and private homes. Many of these systems are working nowdays. At this time we had got a lot of experience in PABX maintainance with fast reaction. In 1997 we started to supply mobile telecommunications. We sold mobile phones, accessories and made subscripition contracts and „after sales” supply for companies and goverment departments, especially for local goverments. After the year 2001 when the mobile market started tapering, we changed our main activites to IT and security projects. We started complex IT and telecommunication project management. From the year 2003. we expanded our activities with industrial automation software development. We focused on building automation systems. In the second half of 2003 we developed to a complete line of bussines of system administration and IT consulting department. From the year 2004 the system administration and IT consulting became our main activity. Beside the permanent IT maintainance and consulting we supply our customers their hardware and software needs. Of coure we undertake to develope special hardware and software applications and solutions. Our goal is to manage complex telecommunication and IT projects to satisfy our customers IT needs in long term co-operation.


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